In the Forest of Things -The new album.

It's finally here! Two years of laughter, frustration, hair colours, takeaway curries, house moves, studio relocations, good coffee, cheap biscuits, late nights, rewrites, agony and tears.

This is an album of mostly my own work. The two exceptions are 'Watch me Fly' which was penned by Mirko and Paul, and 'The Boy You Married', which was a song written by a dear friend of mine, Derek Farrell, that I just had to put on the album. There comes a point in recording songs where as a musician you just don't want to listen to it any more. That never happened here. I'm immensely proud of this and even now, there's nothing on here I would change. It's a deeply personal album, with lots of rough edges, polished surfaces, uneven angles and precise corners.

A little like life!

You can buy a physical CD by clicking the link below, and I'll mail it anywhere in the world for you, or a high-quality digital download (with pdf liner notes).

Whatever you choose, thank you for supporting independent music.

$23.00 (CD)
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By Light of a Star, the Christmas EP

I love Christmas carols. I grew up singing them with my parents and sisters. For me, Christmas is a wonderful time of sharing hope, joy, love and abundance with the ones who mean the most to you.

I must thank my wonderful Paul, who never stopped encouraging me to keep going throughout this insane project, who let me hijack his surprise planned romantic birthday weekend so I could sing and record Christmas carols literally by candlelight at 2am in a converted old church (he secretly packed the recording gear, because I 'might want to use it'), who was instrumental in teaching me the techie ways of GarageBand and Logic Pro and who stubbornly mixed and mastered this baby until it was the beautiful shiny EP it is now.

Available to download HERE

As Night Falls -Sarah Calderwood

The ARIA-nominated debut album.

1. Step it out Mary
2. Mercy Street
3. Maid of the River
4. The Blue Cockade
5. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
6. The Unquiet Grave
7. Galileo
8. The Demon Lover
9. Into the West
10. Wild Mountain Thyme
11. Ae Fond Kiss

Sarah's stunning debut CD. Includes guest performances from Sunas, Mike Scott from the Waterboys, Shane Nicholson, The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Irish accordion maestro Alan Kelly.

$27.00 (CD)
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Burning North Sky -RedCrow

The ARMA-nominated debut album from Sarah's Americana/roots band, RedCrow.

1. Boarded Up Shop
2. As the Crow Flies
3. Hold Me Down
4. Fade Away
5. I Won't Bend
6. Make Me Cry
7. This Song

A mix of Americana roots, blues, world and rock. Featuring electric and acoustic guitars, keys, banjo, double bass and vocals. Recorded in Brisbane and mixed in Los Angeles by Gavin Lurssen (Robert Plant & Alison Krause, Eric Clapton, Crosby, Stills & Nash).

$20.00 (CD)
Includes postage to anywhere in the world
Also available as a digital download HERE